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Hotel and Restaurant Management

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Hotel and Restaurant Management

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Hotel and Restaurant Management

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Big Tummy: A Feasibility study

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study aims the researchers to experiences how to operate a competitive Fast Food Restaurant despite the wide competition in the market. It involves survey of the capacity of the people to be served during the time of service, to realize other establishment engage in Fast Food Restaurants, and to observe the level of competency.

Aquino, Marilyn Estayo

Operational and Management in the MDC Restaurant: An Analysis

This was designed to develop a good operation for the MDC Restaurant. In this section the respondents are the students, teachers, faculty, employees and admin staff of Mettro Dagupan Colleges. They were chosen because they are our regular customers, that they know what the best things are for them, to satisfy the financial aspects of the restaurant were not included in our study. It focused on the Operational Aspects of the Restaurant including the three major areas- Kitchen, Counter and Dining.

Fronda, Mary Ann A.

Tracer study of BST HRM graduates in Metro Dagupan Colleges SY 2000-2013

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered only eighteen (18) Bachelor degree graduates from year 2000-2013 of Metro Dagupan Colleges in Mangaldan. Researchers included graduates of the Associate Degree. In order to gather sufficient and accurate information, researchers had made a questionnaire answered by the respondents.

Catawe, Angelica Clauna