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Governance - Pangasinan

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Governance - Pangasinan

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Governance - Pangasinan

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A Cooperative Study Of Governance And Poverty Alleviation: The Pangasinan Experience

Excerpt from the Abstract: The study covered a) organizational profile of cooperatives in terms of : date registered, articles of cooperation and by-laws,number of employees;membership, assets; deposits; trainings conducted; services rendered;Linkages; and presence of a core management team; b) governance model strengthens confidence in cooperatives as an instrument to reducing poverty: traditional; corporate; democratic; and eclectic; c) the level of governance being practiced along :accountability, transparency, predictability; and participation; d) services provided by cooperatives in alleviating poverty of the members in terms of: provision of credit, employment, educational assistance, mutual aid fund, e. health benefits, Member’s benefit; and community involvement; e) problems in cooperative governance along the following:accountability, transparency, predictability; and participation. The following research hypotheses were tested at the .05 level of significance. 1. There is a significant relationship between governance activities practiced and governance models applied by cooperatives; 2. There is a significant relationship of the level of governance practiced and the level of Governance Mode predominantly applied by cooperatives; 3) There is a significant difference in the governance activities across their organizational profile variables.

Bitonio, Josefina B.