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A Proposed Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Physical Facilities for Metro-Dagupan Colleges Supply Office

This study is for development of an automated Inventory and Monitoring System for the Physical Facilities of Metro-Dagupan Colleges. The scope of the study is for the supply office of Metro-Dagupan Colleges and it included the Physical facilities of the said college. Physical facilities are furniture and equipment that are being used by the college for its daily operation.

Biswayan, Adamson D.

A Proposed Management Information System for Metro Dagupan Colleges (MIS4MDC)

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study is centered in the development and design of the computerization project exclusively for the use of the school on its wayward to more advance technology of tracking information and other automations. Other aspects such as the school inventories of equipment/supplies are not included in our study for the reason of having not enough time to include said inventory study.

Biasbas, Edwin C.

Automated time monitoring system for Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The computation of faculty and employee's salary is not included in the system because the capability of the system is to record and monitor the attendance of their personnel as they log-in and log-out. The study conducted is only for the faculty and administrative staff of Metro Dagupan Colleges. The researchers started for the development of the system last January and ended last October of this year.

Ferrer, Donald A.

Computerized registration system of Metro-Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The purpose of this study is to propose an efficient computerized registration system of Metro Dagupan Colleges that will like the Accounting Section through Local Area Network (LAN). The proposed system will generate computerized registration cards, reports on enrollment, list of students by section and by subject, faculty grading sheets, and transcript of records.

Arcenal, Vivian F.

Design and Construction of a Computer Mock-Up as an Instructional Device for the School of Computer Studies of The Metro-Dagupan Colleges Mangaldan, Pangasinan

The study solely confined to the computer science students of the Metro-Dagupan Colleges including students from other disciplines taking Computer Fundamentals as a subject.

Gervick E. Usisa

Effects of Posting Personal Activities on Facebook

The researchers study was particularly focused in determining the relevance of the effect of using Facebook application of the students in enrolled in Metro-Dagupan Colleges. Also this is study responsible in giving idea about the relevance of the cause and effect of using the Facebook to the students enrolled in Mretro-Dagupan Colleges.

Gajardo, Iris F.

Effects of online game Clash of Clans in the academic performance of the students of Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study focused only on the effects of the console game "Clash of Clans" to the academic performance of the students of Metro Dagupan Colleges who are engaged in playing this game for us to be able to formulate suggestions to be acted upon.

Ortiz, Ma. Rosario A.

Evaluation of the Proposed Website for Metro-Dagupan Colleges

This study aimed to develop a web site for Metro-Dagupan Colleges and to determine the level of the data sufficiency of its web pages. In this regard the said web site contain only the following: History of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Mission and Objectives of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, The Board of Trustees, Administrative and Faculty Staff, the Mission and Vission of different departments of Metro-Dagupan Colleges - School of Graduate Studies and Research, College of Computer Science, College of Commerce, Accountancy and Tourism, College of Criminology, College of Engineering and Industrial Technology, College of Arts and Science and Teacher Education and Metro-Dagupan Colleges Special Science High School.

Doniego, Liezl T.

Factors that Influence MDC Computer Science Stuents' Adaption and Integration of Elements of Computer Games as a Basic for Program Design and Simulation

The scope of this study is for understanding the factors that can affect the student's adaption and integration of computer games in correlation with the design and simulation of computer program. This study only covered the elements of games that can be applied in order to conceptualize a better design and simulation of computer program.

Flores, Kristoffherson A.

Faculty/Employee Profile System For Metro-Dagupan Colleges

The study is concentrated on the employees' data record and file. The processing of updating and maintaining common database of the emlpoyees' profile will be involved.Having user application programs share the data in the database and proving an inquiry/response capabiltyyp user, and can easily receive quick response to request for information from the database.

Sheryl Dulatre

Networking at Metro-Dagupan Colleges Computer Laboratoty A: An Action Research

This study is concerned with the problems encountered by the restaurant:
The purpose of the researchers in designing this thesis is to introduce networking of computers within the Computer Laboratory A of Metro-Dagupan Colleges as an instructional material for those subjects which requires this kind of technology through the use of star topology wherein it can share resources, and thus making the computers into a more coordinated and multi-user computer system. All other areas outside the above-mentioned topic were excluded in the study.

Valdez, Christine

Proposed Collegiate Computerized Grading System for Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Mangaldan, Pangasinan

The study was limited primarily to include records of students enrolled in the different collegiate courses offered by Metro-Dagupan Colleges for the School Year 2017-2018. Also, it is not designed to handle the scheduling of classes per semester. The researchers focused on the current system being used by the Registrar's Office as a subject for the study. The study does not cover the school accounts, complete personal data of the students and their grade's computation in each subject.

Datuin, Marilou

Proposed computerized inventory system for ATT-Aqua Treatment Technology, Incorporated, Dagupan Branch

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The proposal will focus on the inventory system of ATT-Aqua Treatment Technology, Inc. on a) requesting of stocks for ATT-support product, b) receiving of requested stock, c) releasing of stocks with cash payment, d) releasing of stock with PDC payment.

Labaupa, Hazel A.

The Computerized library catalog system for Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This system will solidly focus only for computerized card cataloging of books, magazines, periodicals, journals, vertical files, and non-books. The Computerized Library Cataloging System produced print outs basically by title, subject, author, call no. accession no., copies, and place of publication. Its printing report will be in a landscape form. The borrow in/out of books should have a report for the overdue books in order to trace easily the borrower. And lastly, it has a limitation on the HELP menu.

Cañotal, Melissa M.

The use of Computerized Library System for Metro-Dagupan Colleges

The computerized Library System focused on the transactions inside the library. The system included the list of books, search issuance and return of books, data on the availability of the books, updating of new arrivals and it can be used by the librarian, the library staff and the students and the faculty members who patronize the library.

Sendico, Karen Buendia

Website for Metro-Dagupan Colleges

This study aims to develop a website for Metro-Dagupan Colleges. In this regards, the said website will contain only on the following:
a. Course offering
b. Colleges Objective and Mission
c. Faculty Information
d. College Campus Map
e. Facilities Information
f. Student Organization Information
g. Faculty Association / Organization
The feature of the websites does not involve sound and video capability for reasons of limited software resources of the researchers.

Abril, Norberto