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Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Oil Extract as an Alternative Muscles Pain Reliever

Orange peel was chosen in this study because it is easily found as a waste product everywhere specially in the market. This research was conducted at the Metro-Dagupan Colleges. Production of extract from orange peel was done at the Laboratory room of Metro-Dagupan Colleges. The research study was focus in studying the essential oil of orange extract as an alternative muscle pain reliever.
There was three treatments used in the study;
Experiment 1, 50g of Orange extract + 15ml of coconut oil
Experiment 2, 75g of Orange extract + 15ml of coconut oil
Experiment 3, 100g of Orange extract + 15ml of coconut oil
The three treatments was applied to 15 respondents. Each experiment would test 5 respondents each. This study was limited only to those persons who have muscle pain.

Frianeza, Brenalyn Joy A.

Saluyot as an organic dishwashing liquid

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered about Jute or Jew's Mallow and what is the goodness that it can give when it comes to cleaning action. First of all, it is very important to ask a question why is it Jute is a vegetable one chooses to make a dishwashing liquid? It is because it is known fact that Jute it easy to find here in the Philippines. Furthermore, jute has nano zinc that can kill bacteria that is harmful to us. Second, why is it we give our time for this study if we can buy dishwashing liquid from the stores? Is it because there are so many leading dishwashing liquid brands all over the Philippines even around the world but some of those are not totally killing the bacteria around the kitchen utensils.

Lapore, Via May R.