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Manaoag, Pangasinan

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Manaoag, Pangasinan

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A Study on the common problems encountered by the parolee and pardonee in the 4th District of Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered only the 6 parolee/pardonees from the 4th District of Pangasinan, namely: Mangaldan, San Jacinto, San Fabian, and Manaoag. Only parolees/pardonees who had been released and are residing in the 4th District of Pangasinan six (6) months and below are considered as the respondents of the study. Their educational qualifications and their skills are considered in this study to determine the cause of their unemployment upon release from prison.

Bien, Jember M.

Assessment on the election related activities in the 4th District of Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was only focused on the incidents/prohibited activities within the resolution of COMELEC during election time most specifically during 2010. It also included the causes of such activities as well as the effects of it to the voters.

Petilla, Mark Anthony L.

Effectiveness of oplan lambat sibat in crime prevention in the 4th district of Pangasinan: An Assessment

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study helps the law enforces, especially the PNP in the apprehension, crime control and crime solution. This study is made to know the effectiveness of Oplan Lambat-Sibat in the 4th District of Pangasinan which includes Dagupan City, Mangaldan, San Jacinto, San Fabian and Manaoag Police Stations. The residents of the said city and municipalities and police officers who are involved in the implementation of the said oplan were chosen as respondents of this study.

Domaoal, Mark Anthony D.

Flavored Tupig

This study focused on the newly flavored Tupig such as spicy, chocolate, ube, and cheese. The researchers will no longer discuss the comparison and similarities of the regular tupig to flavored tupig in other places like Mangaldan, San Fabian and Manaoag.

Costa, Misha Mhe C.

Problems Encountered by Policewomen in Active Service in Selected Localities of Pangasinan

This study covered all the 6 policewomen of the different police stations in selected localities of Pangasinan namely, Mangaldan, San Fabian, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Laoac and Dagupan City Town of Mangaldan, San Fabian, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Laoac and the City of Dagupan in Pangasinan were chosen as the place of the study because the researchers live with the vicinity of these places and it is more practical and convenient on their part to conduct the research here. Other police station outside this district were not included due to their distance and to financial and time constraint.

Roboza, Irene

Role of women in Police service: Assessment

This study covered policewomen with three (3) years and above in service in 4th congressional district of Pangasinan namely San Fabian, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Mangaldan and Dagupan City. The researchers chose the fourth district because the number of respondents not enough to determine the problems of the policewomen if only one municipality will be included in the study.
Policewomen with below 3 years in service were not included as respondent because their experiences and observations will not be sufficient to answer the questions about this study.

Gayeta, Cris R.