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Factors that Influence MDC Computer Science Stuents' Adaption and Integration of Elements of Computer Games as a Basic for Program Design and Simulation

The scope of this study is for understanding the factors that can affect the student's adaption and integration of computer games in correlation with the design and simulation of computer program. This study only covered the elements of games that can be applied in order to conceptualize a better design and simulation of computer program.

Flores, Kristoffherson A.

MNG Computer Center and Tutorial Services: A Feasibility Study

The feasibility study focused on the following aspects of the proposed business:
a. Market Aspect
b. Technical Aspect
c. Management Aspect
d. Financial Aspect
The proposed name of the project is 'MNG Computer Center and Tutorial Service". The project shall focus on computer service, and is envisioned to provide a one-stop computer shop. As a computer center it shall offer when it is fully operational, the five service components: rentals, lay-outing/design, scanning, CD burning and tutorials.
Rental would be composed of typing/encoding, printing, internet-email access, multimedia research, games and entertainment. Lay-out/ Design refers to designs and development of computerized logo design,desktop publishing/lay-outing. Scanning would be offered to people for those who wish to reduce, enlarge or edit pictures or images. CD burning refers to store sounds/music to CD's for entertainment. Tutorials would include software packages and programming Languages.

Aquino, Marelu Manamtam