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Traders’ preference for goat characteristics in selected markets of Pangasinan, Philippines

Abstract: Preference for goat characteristics was determined from 42 traders in six markets in Pangasinan, an important trading center for goats in Luzon, the Philippines, and analyzed using a hedonic price model to determine whether these characteristics are important price determinants of goats. This information is important to goat raisers to respond to the needs of the local market, and thus to achieve a better price and higher income in goat raising. Meatiness, size, breed, sex and age (in descending order) were the dominant goat characteristics preferred by traders. Meatiness had the largest positive influence on price, with a price premium of US$6.24 (US$1.00 = PhP 53), whereas the age of the animal had the smallest influence at US$3.72. However, size and meatiness are manifestations of good breeds. Therefore, continued efforts to improve
breeds in order to produce good quality goats are imperative to cater to market needs. Different characteristics implied different price premiums. Traders offered a higher price premium for better goat characteristics; thus, the improvement of these characteristics could result in higher returns for goat raisers.

Orden, Maria Excelsis M.

A Cooperative Study Of Governance And Poverty Alleviation: The Pangasinan Experience

Excerpt from the Abstract: The study covered a) organizational profile of cooperatives in terms of : date registered, articles of cooperation and by-laws,number of employees;membership, assets; deposits; trainings conducted; services rendered;Linkages; and presence of a core management team; b) governance model strengthens confidence in cooperatives as an instrument to reducing poverty: traditional; corporate; democratic; and eclectic; c) the level of governance being practiced along :accountability, transparency, predictability; and participation; d) services provided by cooperatives in alleviating poverty of the members in terms of: provision of credit, employment, educational assistance, mutual aid fund, e. health benefits, Member’s benefit; and community involvement; e) problems in cooperative governance along the following:accountability, transparency, predictability; and participation. The following research hypotheses were tested at the .05 level of significance. 1. There is a significant relationship between governance activities practiced and governance models applied by cooperatives; 2. There is a significant relationship of the level of governance practiced and the level of Governance Mode predominantly applied by cooperatives; 3) There is a significant difference in the governance activities across their organizational profile variables.

Bitonio, Josefina B.

Pangasinan Anlong: Oral Tradition into the 21st Century

The first half of the twentieth century is said to have been the Golden Age of Pangasinan Literature, but indubitably without succeeding in establishing Pangasinan as a popular literature. The emergence of umaanlong (poet) in the said period produced excellent poems written in the vernacular but only few were published. There was not even an anthology of poetry published in that period. Anlong was not the principal expression of our writers in that era.

The Pangasinan anlong or poetry was once predominantly oral: tumatagaumen and umaanlong performed poems. Often, it was accompanied by kutibeng (ancient guitar) and/or tulali (a kind of string instrument similar to kudyapi or lyre.) One good example of Pangasinan oral poetry was the Petek, a kind of poetic joust similar to the Tulang Patnigan of the Tagalogs. When the written form of poetry became dominant, oral poetry became unpopular.

Villafania, Santiago B.

The Juvenile delinquency in the Municipality of Mapandan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The study included the common offenses committed by juvenile delinquents, the family background, and age of youth offenders, educational attainment and the causes of offenses. The personnel of the Women's and Child Protection Desk (WCPD) were also included as respondents only on the recorded cases of juvenile delinquents in Mapandan.

Pasana, Andrew Penuliar

The Disaster Preparedness of the Municipality of San Fabian,Pangasinan : An Assessment

The researcher focused this study on the different disaster that are encountered by the residents of San Fabian, Pangasinan. It included the preparedness of the barangay officials as well as the local government units of this municipality on any disasters that may strike anytime of the year.

Yanguas, Jackson

Big Tummy: A Feasibility study

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study aims the researchers to experiences how to operate a competitive Fast Food Restaurant despite the wide competition in the market. It involves survey of the capacity of the people to be served during the time of service, to realize other establishment engage in Fast Food Restaurants, and to observe the level of competency.

Aquino, Marilyn Estayo

Problems encountered by the Grade 7 students in the use of the four fundamental mathematical operations at Metro Dagupan Colleges of the Productivity High School School Year 2015-2016

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This research was limited o the students of Grade 7 Metro Dagupan Colleges of the Productivity High School. This research was conducted during the school year 2015-2016. It focused on the four fundamental mathematical operations namely multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Carbonel, Aljean

Level of trust of community residents to the policemen of Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was conducted to determine the level of trust of people in Mangaldan, Pangasinan to the law enforcers. This research aimed to know how they communicate and cooperate to the policemen in solving certain issue and how contented our respondents to the performances and services given by the police. The study excludes the PNP personnel at Mangaldan as well as the Barangay Officials.

Malapit, Jennylou V.

Factors that Influence MDC Computer Science Stuents' Adaption and Integration of Elements of Computer Games as a Basic for Program Design and Simulation

The scope of this study is for understanding the factors that can affect the student's adaption and integration of computer games in correlation with the design and simulation of computer program. This study only covered the elements of games that can be applied in order to conceptualize a better design and simulation of computer program.

Flores, Kristoffherson A.

Saluyot as an organic dishwashing liquid

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered about Jute or Jew's Mallow and what is the goodness that it can give when it comes to cleaning action. First of all, it is very important to ask a question why is it Jute is a vegetable one chooses to make a dishwashing liquid? It is because it is known fact that Jute it easy to find here in the Philippines. Furthermore, jute has nano zinc that can kill bacteria that is harmful to us. Second, why is it we give our time for this study if we can buy dishwashing liquid from the stores? Is it because there are so many leading dishwashing liquid brands all over the Philippines even around the world but some of those are not totally killing the bacteria around the kitchen utensils.

Lapore, Via May R.

Ang Problemang Kinakaharap ng mga Gurong Nagsasanay sa Metro-Dagupan Colleges sa Paghahanda ng Banghay ng Pagtuturo

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
Ang mga respondente sa pananaliksik na ito ay ang mga mag-aaral ng MDC na nasa ikaapat na taon na kung saan pinag-aaralan nila ang Filipino bilang tanging gamit sa pagtuturo. Dito natin malalaman ang kahinaan ng bawat isa sa paggawa nila ng banghay-aralin. Kaming mga mananaliksik aming inuri ang mga estudyante sa bawat araw na paggawa nila ng banghay-aralin para malaman namin ang kanilang kamalian.

Frianeza, Lea G.

Degree of Acceptability of the Projects Done By The Barangay Council Of Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan in the Year 2001, As Perceived By The Beneficiaries

The study focused on the degree of acceptability of the selected projects done by the barangay council of Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan as perceived by the beneficiaries. These selected projects include: (a) road asphalting/ cementing; (b) street lighting; (c) drainage-making; (d) construction of day care school; and (e) construction of barangay library.

Marcellano, Christy G.

Evaluation of the Proposed Website for Metro-Dagupan Colleges

This study aimed to develop a web site for Metro-Dagupan Colleges and to determine the level of the data sufficiency of its web pages. In this regard the said web site contain only the following: History of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Mission and Objectives of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, The Board of Trustees, Administrative and Faculty Staff, the Mission and Vission of different departments of Metro-Dagupan Colleges - School of Graduate Studies and Research, College of Computer Science, College of Commerce, Accountancy and Tourism, College of Criminology, College of Engineering and Industrial Technology, College of Arts and Science and Teacher Education and Metro-Dagupan Colleges Special Science High School.

Doniego, Liezl T.

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