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Assessment of physical wellness of the Metro Dagupan Colleges Productivity Junior High School Students

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study involved the Junior High School students of the Metro Dagupan Colleges Productivity High School these are Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 10. College students and Senior High School students of Metro Dagupan Colleges were not included in this study. The study was conducted at Metro Dagupan Colleges with the proper guidance and help of the High School Faculty and teachers.

Bautista, Mikyla Kristyana Yu

Encountered problems in the conduct of checkpoint at Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
There were limitations in this study since only checkpoints in designated places in Mangaldan was focus of it. Policement in Mangaldan Police Station who are conducting various checkpoints were included in this study. Reactioins of the respondents, the perceived problems of both the police and the public were included in this study. An ordinance or law regarding conduct of checkpoint, if available, was included, techniques of conducting checkpoint was included.
However, this study was only confined in the Municipality of Mangaldan. Neighboring towns or municipalities or cities were not included since it is no longer within the area of responsibility of the Philippine National Police (PNP) of Mangaldan, Pangasinan.

Gonzales, Anne Murry V.

The Effects of educational television program to the Kindergarten pupils of Golden Angels Educational Institution (GAEI) in Mangaldan and San Jacinto, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study focused on the responses of the kindergarten pupils of the Golden Angels Educational Institution in Mangaldan and San Jacinto, School Year 2008-2009, to test what are the educational values of it to their learning. The study includes the contents and the way of discovering and motivating the learning skills of kindergarten pupils.

Visperas, Arnold A.

Proposed computerized inventory system for ATT-Aqua Treatment Technology, Incorporated, Dagupan Branch

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The proposal will focus on the inventory system of ATT-Aqua Treatment Technology, Inc. on a) requesting of stocks for ATT-support product, b) receiving of requested stock, c) releasing of stocks with cash payment, d) releasing of stock with PDC payment.

Labaupa, Hazel A.

Tracer study of BST HRM graduates in Metro Dagupan Colleges SY 2000-2013

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered only eighteen (18) Bachelor degree graduates from year 2000-2013 of Metro Dagupan Colleges in Mangaldan. Researchers included graduates of the Associate Degree. In order to gather sufficient and accurate information, researchers had made a questionnaire answered by the respondents.

Catawe, Angelica Clauna

Determining the effectiveness of computer generated visual aids in learning Science V at Mapandan Catholic School, Mapandan, Pangasinan

Excerpt of the Scope and limitation of the study:
This study focused on the responses of Grade V pupils in Mapandan Catholic School, Poblacion, Mapandan, Pangasinan, and School Year 2012-2013, or how effective a computer-generated using visual aids. The study included the contents and the way of discovering and motivating the learning skills of the Grade V pupils.

Maningding, Rosalie B.

Security and safety measures in the Mangaldan Public Market: An assessment

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was focused only on the security and safety measures implemented around and within the Mangaldan Public Market. It includes the Market administration, market goers, tenants as well as their properties in the Mangaldan public market.

Cervas, Nolan Eden

A Study on the common problems encountered by the parolee and pardonee in the 4th District of Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covered only the 6 parolee/pardonees from the 4th District of Pangasinan, namely: Mangaldan, San Jacinto, San Fabian, and Manaoag. Only parolees/pardonees who had been released and are residing in the 4th District of Pangasinan six (6) months and below are considered as the respondents of the study. Their educational qualifications and their skills are considered in this study to determine the cause of their unemployment upon release from prison.

Bien, Jember M.

Security measures implemented at Mangaldan National High School in Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was focused only on the security measures that are implemented by the Mangaldan National High School. These security measures would mean a great deal not only on the lives of those in the school but with school property as well.

Espino, Marc Arnel P.

The Juvenile delinquency in the Municipality of Mapandan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The study included the common offenses committed by juvenile delinquents, the family background, and age of youth offenders, educational attainment and the causes of offenses. The personnel of the Women's and Child Protection Desk (WCPD) were also included as respondents only on the recorded cases of juvenile delinquents in Mapandan.

Pasana, Andrew Penuliar

The Effects of text messaging on the spelling proficiency of Grade VI pupils of Maasin Elementary School for the School year 2009-2010

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study involved the students of Grade VI pupils at Maasin Elementary School who are mobile phone users in order to suggest strategies/techniques to improve the spelling proficiency of Grade VI pupils for the School Year 2009-2010.

Biagtan, Marites F.

Level of trust of community residents to the policemen of Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was conducted to determine the level of trust of people in Mangaldan, Pangasinan to the law enforcers. This research aimed to know how they communicate and cooperate to the policemen in solving certain issue and how contented our respondents to the performances and services given by the police. The study excludes the PNP personnel at Mangaldan as well as the Barangay Officials.

Malapit, Jennylou V.

Pangasinan reference grammar

This book is designed primarily to provide a summary of various aspects of the Pangasinan language which an interested learner with some knowledge of English will find useful in furthering his studies in the language.

Benton, Richard A.

Seasonality of standing crop of a Sargassum(Fucales, Phaeophyta) bed in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

Abstract" The seasonality of standing crop of a Sargassum bed was investigated by conducting monthly sampling from February 1988 to July 1989 . Environmental parameters of water movement, salinity, number of daytime minus tides, and water temperature were also measured . An intra-annual pattern of variation in standing crop of Sargassum crassifolium, S . cristaefolium, S. oligocystum, and S. polycystum was observed. Standing crop was generally lowest in February, March, April, or May, and highest in
November through January. Sargassum accounted for about 35 to 85% of the monthly algal standing crop of the bed, and the observed variation in overall standing crop of the bed generally reflected the standing crop of Sargassum. The seasonality of the standing crops of the associated algal divisions also followed an annual cycle, but their maximum and minimum standing crops did not coincide with those of Sargassum. Individually, as well as collectively, the standing crops of the Sargassum spp . were poorly
correlated with the environmental factors observed.

Trono, Gavino C.

Traders’ preference for goat characteristics in selected markets of Pangasinan, Philippines

Abstract: Preference for goat characteristics was determined from 42 traders in six markets in Pangasinan, an important trading center for goats in Luzon, the Philippines, and analyzed using a hedonic price model to determine whether these characteristics are important price determinants of goats. This information is important to goat raisers to respond to the needs of the local market, and thus to achieve a better price and higher income in goat raising. Meatiness, size, breed, sex and age (in descending order) were the dominant goat characteristics preferred by traders. Meatiness had the largest positive influence on price, with a price premium of US$6.24 (US$1.00 = PhP 53), whereas the age of the animal had the smallest influence at US$3.72. However, size and meatiness are manifestations of good breeds. Therefore, continued efforts to improve
breeds in order to produce good quality goats are imperative to cater to market needs. Different characteristics implied different price premiums. Traders offered a higher price premium for better goat characteristics; thus, the improvement of these characteristics could result in higher returns for goat raisers.

Orden, Maria Excelsis M.

Philippine Islands: Manila. Cholera

Chief Quarantine Officer reports, August 19 and 25 and September 2, 8, and 14:
Cholera was reported in the city of Manila as follows: Week ended August 13, 14 cases, 10 deaths; week ended August 20, 16 cases, 11 deaths; week ended August 27, 21 cases, 11 deaths; week ended September 3, 25 cases, 18 deaths; week ended September 10, 15 cases, 15 deaths.

Sage Publications, Inc.

A Boost to Pangasinan Literature

THE publication of Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles by Santiago B. Villafania (363 pp. Manila: Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino and Emilio Aguinaldo College, 2007) should be a source of rejoicing for readers of regional literatures. This second book by Pangasinan’s leading poet today is impressive in both form and substance. Villafania has created 300 sonnets and 50 villanelles in his own language that attempt to reflect the primacy of native culture and return the poet to the central stage of social life. There is a sense of urgency here, considering that Pangasinan literature is in a lamentable state. As the Villafania himself said, “Pangasinan poets today lack the invigorating environment of a literary movement. We are alone in a wasteland and without support from the ‘cultural ambient.’ We are a dying tribe on the verge of extinction.” His hyperbole aside, Pangasinan really has not done well in competition with English, Tagalog, and Ilocano; there are no significant literary and journalistic publications to nourish and sustain a regional literature; and the provincial government does not seem to give priority to the revitalization of Pangasinan as a common medium of communication, in spite of the fact that it has more than one and a half million speakers.

Bautista, Cirilo F.

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