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Automated time monitoring system for Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The computation of faculty and employee's salary is not included in the system because the capability of the system is to record and monitor the attendance of their personnel as they log-in and log-out. The study conducted is only for the faculty and administrative staff of Metro Dagupan Colleges. The researchers started for the development of the system last January and ended last October of this year.

Ferrer, Donald A.

Big Tummy: A Feasibility study

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study aims the researchers to experiences how to operate a competitive Fast Food Restaurant despite the wide competition in the market. It involves survey of the capacity of the people to be served during the time of service, to realize other establishment engage in Fast Food Restaurants, and to observe the level of competency.

Aquino, Marilyn Estayo

Bilay ed Caboloan - Reconfiguration of Space using a New Historicist Lens

This study is focused on analyzing all 31 poems by Santiago Villafania (1971) in his book, Balikas na Caboloan. The aim of this study is to reveal how his use of his native language and cultural heritage has transformed Pangasinan from a tangible, physical place to a state of ideology, which is Caboloan.

Using Stephen Greenblatt’s theory of New Historicism, the significance of the texts were analyzed by first, describing the values, mores and the researcher’s knowledge of the history of Pangasinan, particularly at the time indicated in the texts; second, by reflecting on how Villafania’s personal historical circumstances affected or influenced the text; and third, by identifying and appreciating the social mores that were communicated within the text.

The study shows that Villafania’s poetry was heavily influenced by his personal account or view of his environment, specifically, the place where he grew up in, Pangasinan. The practices, beliefs and ultimately, the way of life insinuated within the text are reminiscent of an older time, thus transforming Pangasinan, as we know it today, back to Caboloan.

Tecson, Ayesah

Cases of Vehicular Accidents in the Municipality of Mapandan, Pangasinan

This study based on the hypothesis that the traffic enforcers of Mapandan Police Station are Moderately Implementing the different traffic ordinances in the accident prone areas of Mapandan PNP are also included in this study as their answers are based on their experiences on traffic management and vehicular cases.

Pasana, Rachelle P.

Classroom management practices of intermediate school teachers in Baloling Elementary School, Mapandan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study involved only the selected pupils of the Baloling Elementary School, Mapandan, Pangasinan, because the researcher wants to gather sufficient and accurate data or information regarding the practices of intermediate school teachers in classroom management at Baloling Elementary School, Mapandan, Pangasinan. The researcher chose three areas of the classroom management is it because many teachers have poor classroom management on the said areas that is why their class turns into chaos and being interrupted. The researcher also chose intermediate pupils to have an appropriate data or answers to the checklist.

Crisologo, Bien T.

Common Offenses Committed by Juvenile Delinquent Cases as Reported at the Mangaldan Police Station

In order for this study to be precise, it focused only on the reported cases only in Mangaldan Police Station, the common causes of the reported juvenile delinquency cases, thr number of convicted if there are any, the surroundings and the variables that are mentioned in the paradigm of this study.

Gonzales, Leo C.

Computerized registration system of Metro-Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The purpose of this study is to propose an efficient computerized registration system of Metro Dagupan Colleges that will like the Accounting Section through Local Area Network (LAN). The proposed system will generate computerized registration cards, reports on enrollment, list of students by section and by subject, faculty grading sheets, and transcript of records.

Arcenal, Vivian F.

Degree of Acceptability of the Projects Done By The Barangay Council Of Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan in the Year 2001, As Perceived By The Beneficiaries

The study focused on the degree of acceptability of the selected projects done by the barangay council of Libsong East, Lingayen, Pangasinan as perceived by the beneficiaries. These selected projects include: (a) road asphalting/ cementing; (b) street lighting; (c) drainage-making; (d) construction of day care school; and (e) construction of barangay library.

Marcellano, Christy G.

Delinquent behaviors for college students at Metro Dagupan Colleges: An assessment

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study included the assessment of the behavior of college students who are enrolled and studying at the Metro Dagupan Colleges. This study assessed the behavior of college students upon entering the school campus. Behaviors of the students outside the school campus was not assessed by the researchers. Highschool students were not included in this study.

Bautista, Jimwell A.

Determining the effectiveness of computer generated visual aids in learning Science V at Mapandan Catholic School, Mapandan, Pangasinan

Excerpt of the Scope and limitation of the study:
This study focused on the responses of Grade V pupils in Mapandan Catholic School, Poblacion, Mapandan, Pangasinan, and School Year 2012-2013, or how effective a computer-generated using visual aids. The study included the contents and the way of discovering and motivating the learning skills of the Grade V pupils.

Maningding, Rosalie B.

Effects of abolishing corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure in Baloling Elementary School, Mapandan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The study involved all of the teachers in Baloling Elementary School who are exposed and in contact with different pupil behaviors. This focused on the different physical forms of discipline only. It will not include any kind of verbal and mental punishment. The study also only focuses on the behavior of students when they are being noisy during class.

Neri, Juan Jr. T.

Effects of online game Clash of Clans in the academic performance of the students of Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study focused only on the effects of the console game "Clash of Clans" to the academic performance of the students of Metro Dagupan Colleges who are engaged in playing this game for us to be able to formulate suggestions to be acted upon.

Ortiz, Ma. Rosario A.

Encountered problems in the conduct of checkpoint at Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
There were limitations in this study since only checkpoints in designated places in Mangaldan was focus of it. Policement in Mangaldan Police Station who are conducting various checkpoints were included in this study. Reactioins of the respondents, the perceived problems of both the police and the public were included in this study. An ordinance or law regarding conduct of checkpoint, if available, was included, techniques of conducting checkpoint was included.
However, this study was only confined in the Municipality of Mangaldan. Neighboring towns or municipalities or cities were not included since it is no longer within the area of responsibility of the Philippine National Police (PNP) of Mangaldan, Pangasinan.

Gonzales, Anne Murry V.

Evacuation Procedure of the Barangay Embarcadero, Mangaldan, Pangasinan

This study is about the evacuation procedure of the Barangay Embarcedero on Natural Disasters like earthquake , fire, typhoon or storm and tsunami.The Barangay Embarcadero is far from coastal area of San Fabian, but there is still the tendency that the rivers may overflow which may cause flooding to other Barangay's of the Municipality of Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Fire has its evacuation center nearest in the Barangay Embarcadero Elementary School.

Aquino, Jeffrey F.

Evaluation of the Proposed Website for Metro-Dagupan Colleges

This study aimed to develop a web site for Metro-Dagupan Colleges and to determine the level of the data sufficiency of its web pages. In this regard the said web site contain only the following: History of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, Mission and Objectives of Metro-Dagupan Colleges, The Board of Trustees, Administrative and Faculty Staff, the Mission and Vission of different departments of Metro-Dagupan Colleges - School of Graduate Studies and Research, College of Computer Science, College of Commerce, Accountancy and Tourism, College of Criminology, College of Engineering and Industrial Technology, College of Arts and Science and Teacher Education and Metro-Dagupan Colleges Special Science High School.

Doniego, Liezl T.

Factors that Influence MDC Computer Science Stuents' Adaption and Integration of Elements of Computer Games as a Basic for Program Design and Simulation

The scope of this study is for understanding the factors that can affect the student's adaption and integration of computer games in correlation with the design and simulation of computer program. This study only covered the elements of games that can be applied in order to conceptualize a better design and simulation of computer program.

Flores, Kristoffherson A.

Factors that contributed to the effectiveness of teachers in teaching Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan as perceived by the Grade VI pupils of Binday Elementary School for the School Year 1999-2000

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study involved Grace VI pupils in Binday Elementary School for the School Year 1999-2000. It consists of 2 sections and 2 teachers which were ranked and randomly sampled. It was limited to the teacher, it does not include the environment and instructional materials factors because most of the teachers factors affect the effectiveness of teaching Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan are teachers factors.

Abrazaldo, Marina Cabanlig

Handmade Paper Out Of Cornstalk

The study is inclined to test the utility of cornstalk as an alternative paper material in a define process of paper making that was adopted by the researchers from the Technology and Livelihood Development Center (TLDC).Particularly, the researcher used only the upper portion of the cornstalk for processing.

Zarate, Renato F.

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