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Malinak Lay Labi

Lyrics with English translation:
Malinac lay labi oras lay mareen (Peaceful night, quiet hours)
Mapalpal nay dagem catecep toy linaew (Gentle is the wind mixed with dew)
Samit day cogip co binangonan con tampol (Sweet was my dream, and once I awoke)
Lapud say linggas o sican sica'y amamaywen (My heart insisted that I caress you)

Lalo la bilay no sicala'y manengneng (Especially of you, sweetheart, I behold)
Napunas lan amin so ermenya acbibiten (That all the sorrows I heard are gone)
No nanunutan colay samit day ugalim (If I remember the sweetness of your actions)
Agtaca na lingwanan (I will not forget you)
Anggad cauyos la bilay (Until life ends)

Metro Dagupan Colleges Library

Seasonality of standing crop of a Sargassum(Fucales, Phaeophyta) bed in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

Abstract" The seasonality of standing crop of a Sargassum bed was investigated by conducting monthly sampling from February 1988 to July 1989 . Environmental parameters of water movement, salinity, number of daytime minus tides, and water temperature were also measured . An intra-annual pattern of variation in standing crop of Sargassum crassifolium, S . cristaefolium, S. oligocystum, and S. polycystum was observed. Standing crop was generally lowest in February, March, April, or May, and highest in
November through January. Sargassum accounted for about 35 to 85% of the monthly algal standing crop of the bed, and the observed variation in overall standing crop of the bed generally reflected the standing crop of Sargassum. The seasonality of the standing crops of the associated algal divisions also followed an annual cycle, but their maximum and minimum standing crops did not coincide with those of Sargassum. Individually, as well as collectively, the standing crops of the Sargassum spp . were poorly
correlated with the environmental factors observed.

Trono, Gavino C.

Philippine Islands: Manila. Cholera

Chief Quarantine Officer reports, August 19 and 25 and September 2, 8, and 14:
Cholera was reported in the city of Manila as follows: Week ended August 13, 14 cases, 10 deaths; week ended August 20, 16 cases, 11 deaths; week ended August 27, 21 cases, 11 deaths; week ended September 3, 25 cases, 18 deaths; week ended September 10, 15 cases, 15 deaths.

Sage Publications, Inc.

A Boost to Pangasinan Literature

THE publication of Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles by Santiago B. Villafania (363 pp. Manila: Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino and Emilio Aguinaldo College, 2007) should be a source of rejoicing for readers of regional literatures. This second book by Pangasinan’s leading poet today is impressive in both form and substance. Villafania has created 300 sonnets and 50 villanelles in his own language that attempt to reflect the primacy of native culture and return the poet to the central stage of social life. There is a sense of urgency here, considering that Pangasinan literature is in a lamentable state. As the Villafania himself said, “Pangasinan poets today lack the invigorating environment of a literary movement. We are alone in a wasteland and without support from the ‘cultural ambient.’ We are a dying tribe on the verge of extinction.” His hyperbole aside, Pangasinan really has not done well in competition with English, Tagalog, and Ilocano; there are no significant literary and journalistic publications to nourish and sustain a regional literature; and the provincial government does not seem to give priority to the revitalization of Pangasinan as a common medium of communication, in spite of the fact that it has more than one and a half million speakers.

Bautista, Cirilo F.

Towards an Early History of Pangasinan: Preliminary Notes and Observations

This article examines relevant primary sources for the reconstruction of the early history of Pangasinan. Early history means
the history of Pangasinan peoples prior to the advent of Spanish colonialism. It identifies key sites mentioned in ethnographic texts
that are potential sites for archaeological investigation. Although it deals with the history of Pangasinan before the arrival of Juan de
Salcedo and Martin de Goiti, it utilizes several contact period accounts, other earlier cronicas, dictionaries and even folklore to understand early Pangasinan society.

Fernandez, Erwin S.

Ang Kahalagahan ng sining ng dula sa paaralan bilang pagpapaunlad ng pagkatao ng mga magaaral

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
Ang mga respondente sa pananaliksik na ito ay ang mga mag-aaral sa Pambansang Mataas na Paaralan ng David na nasa unang taon at may bilang silang umaabot sa 74. Sila ang aming napili bilang mga respondente sa pananaliksik na ito sapagkat bahagi ng kanilang pag-aaral ang dula. At karamihang ang mga nasa unang taon ang nagsasagawa ng dula-dulaan na kung saan sanay na sila sa pag-arte.

Aquino, Josie S.

Problems met by the 4th year Technology and Home Economics students major in garments in terms of tools, facilities, and equipment SY 1999-2000

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study is conducted to answer the problems met by the selected 4th year Technology and Home Economics students major in Garments at Mangaldan National High School in terms of tools, facilities, and equipment during SY 1999-2000.

Quinto, Normie S.

A Survey of the practices of agriculture teachers of San Fabian National High School, Pangasinan as perceived by students

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study covers fifty selected sophomore students of San Fabian National High School in Pangasinan who are taking Agriculture subject under crop production in this academic year, 1999-2000

Bangad, Cristina Pasalo

An Evaluation of the implementation of the Mangaldan Traffic Ordinance no. 60, s. 1999

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study only focused on the implementation of some provisions of the Mangaldan Traffic Ordinance No. 60, s.1999. It included the causes or reasons of non-implementation or violations of these provisions in the traffic ordinances.
However, this study is only confined in this municipality, because other municipalities may have other traffic ordinances and programs in their area of jurisdiction. It will not also include other provisions included in their traffic ordinance being the subject of this subject.

Decena, Jeffrey A.

Assessment on the Implementation of the Mangaldan Municipal Ordinance No. 2007-45 Or the "Helmet Law"

This study coveted the total numbers of motorcycle accidents for the past five (5) years during 2004-2009 in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. However, it started to gather the data on the violations of the municipal Ordinance was approved and effective up to the end of December 1009. It included the number of violators who were apprehended and the kind of penalties imposed.

Aquino, Reniel

Implementation of traffic management system in San Fabian, Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The study only focused on the implementation of the provisions of the San Fabian Municipal Ordinance No. 11-S-2004. It included the causes or reasons for non-implementation or violation of these provisions in the Municipal ordinance.

Gutierrez, John Mark N.

The Computerized library catalog system for Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This system will solidly focus only for computerized card cataloging of books, magazines, periodicals, journals, vertical files, and non-books. The Computerized Library Cataloging System produced print outs basically by title, subject, author, call no. accession no., copies, and place of publication. Its printing report will be in a landscape form. The borrow in/out of books should have a report for the overdue books in order to trace easily the borrower. And lastly, it has a limitation on the HELP menu.

Cañotal, Melissa M.

Delinquent behaviors for college students at Metro Dagupan Colleges: An assessment

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study included the assessment of the behavior of college students who are enrolled and studying at the Metro Dagupan Colleges. This study assessed the behavior of college students upon entering the school campus. Behaviors of the students outside the school campus was not assessed by the researchers. Highschool students were not included in this study.

Bautista, Jimwell A.

Automated time monitoring system for Metro Dagupan Colleges

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
The computation of faculty and employee's salary is not included in the system because the capability of the system is to record and monitor the attendance of their personnel as they log-in and log-out. The study conducted is only for the faculty and administrative staff of Metro Dagupan Colleges. The researchers started for the development of the system last January and ended last October of this year.

Ferrer, Donald A.

Assessment on the election related activities in the 4th District of Pangasinan

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study was only focused on the incidents/prohibited activities within the resolution of COMELEC during election time most specifically during 2010. It also included the causes of such activities as well as the effects of it to the voters.

Petilla, Mark Anthony L.

Identification of the learner type of the First Year College students of the Metro Dagupan Colleges based on physiological dimension

Excerpt from Scope and Limitation of the Study:
This study deals with the identification of the type of learner are the 1st year College students on the different courses of the Metro Dagupan Colleges, like BS Criminology, BS in Secondary Education, BS in Elementary Education, BS Tourism, BS Computer Science, and BS Commerce.

Lagman, Brigida Evangelista

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